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Work With Me 


Thank you for your interest in working together!

As of November 2018, I have 7k combined social media followers (IG, FB, SC) and 100k + video views across Facebook.

I am open to a variety of collaborations, including brand sponsorships, promotional videos, Snpachat, Instagram takeovers, product reviews, social media campaigns and more.


About This Blog: 

I launched in January of 2018, after spending 3 years traveling the world and making videos.  On my new blog here, you’ll find a more simplified, professional and personal space dedicated to sharing my lifestyle, travel tips and insights that I’ve picked up from visiting 14+ countries since 2009.


Social Media Numbers:

In total, I have more than 7k+ social media followers across all networks.

By the Numbers:

– Facebook: 5k+
– Instagram: 2.2k+
– Snapchat: 2,148K+


I’ve worked on campaigns with a number of brands who have leveraged my loyal audience of travelers to help them achieve their goals.  Please contact me and I can send you my media kit along with case studies from previous collaborations.


In The Press:

My persona, writing and travel knowledge has been featured in online publications, TV networks, and print agencies.


Here are some of my most notable partnerships: I have

 partnered with Chasing Sunrise.

On Instagram:

I  have done Instagram takeovers for ChasingSunrise


On Print: 

 I’ve had full-length articles about my life story and travel tips in  Holiday Unicorn, Buzz Feed, One LifeLost Tribe 


TV or Online Video:

24 News 

Transplant Helper 

Influencer News



“Jordan engages his audience with informative and insightful travel tips with a great personality! Croatia was and is eager to work with him in order to reach an audience that simply put-travels differently.  Jordan understands what his followers want to see and he is a pleasure to work with: from the planning stages of a trip to the on-the-ground moments. He’s always willing to try new ideas, receive feedback, but also provide it. Brands aspiring to reach the Snapchat traveler shouldn’t miss the opportunity to work with Jordan as he grows his fan-base.”


Get in Touch:

If interested in working together, please contact me at Jordan [at] Jordandmarcia [dot] com, or fill out the contact form below. Thank you!


Sponsor me:

If you’re a brand and would like to sponsor Jordan, by being featured on his travel shirt, seen in his videos, snapshot, and Instagram.  Please follow these instructions: Sponsor me 


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